Become Active for Children & Youth

For each exhibition, the PalaisPopulaire offers a comprehensive workshop program for children, young people, and adults that is devoted not only to art, but also to music, literature, and sports. Everything revolves around your own discoveries, and you can learn to become active and creative yourself.
Teenagers do sport exercises

Fashionable Sport Showjumping
Introductory Course (12 Years and Older)
Wednesday, June 26, July 31, August 28, and September 25, 2019

Price: € 5
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

Feel like engaging in parkour in the heart of the city, around the Museum Island and surrounded by Berlin history? Professionals from ParkourONE give you insight into basic movements and techniques. Also, you will learn more about the philosophy and background of this modern movement. Discover yourself anew, be creative, and make your surroundings your own!

If you wish to participate please bring your own sports equipment, something to drink and the filled-out registration form.

In cooperation with ParkourOne

Photo: © ParkourONE / Andy Day 2018

Working material of a fashion workshop

Summer of Fashion
Fashion Vacation Workshop
Wednesday, July 7, 10 am–4 pm (8–12 Years Old)
Wednesday, October 16, 10 am–4 pm (12–16 Years Old)

Price: € 20
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

Miniskirts and bell-bottoms, flowers in the hair and necklaces, batik, patchwork, and jeans—the fashion of the hippies and the flower power movement was varied and colorful. The many items of clothing in the summer of love exhibition will be explored. What is special about them and are they still hip, or back in style, today? At the peak of the hippie movement in 1967 fashion was also a protest, reflecting a political or social attitude and a sign of freedom. Women expressed their desire for self-determination, and with the reuse of old materials upcycling was born. In the group, the function of clothing will be discussed and then you can design your own T-shirts, necklaces, or buttons, which will be presented in a fashion show concluding the event. Don’t forget to bring a lunch packet with you!

In cooperation with Galeries Lafayette

Photo: Mathias Schormann



Record Covers & Posters
Children’s Workshop (6 Years and Older)
Sunday, July 7, 3–5 pm

Price: € 5 / € 8 (over 18 years old)
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

There are record covers that are as well known as famous artworks. We choose the most stunning designs from the summer of love exhibition and then design record covers ourselves for our favorite band or an event we want to advertise. While we create them we listen to our favorite music!

A Talisman

Upcycling—Your Magic Talisman
Children's Workshop (6 Years and Older)
Sunday, August 4, 3–5 pm

Price: € 5 / € 8 (over 18 years old)
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

How does an everyday object become an amulet? Can dreams really be caught? Do talismans protect us from evil spirits? After visiting the exhibition together and collecting ideas, you can design your own good-luck charms. Everyday items that have been thrown away, including material, paper, and plastic, transform into magic gems! In good weather the workshop will be held outdoors.

View of a table that was set for a brunch

Program for the Whole Family
Sunday, September 1, 11.30 am–15 pm

Price: € 29 / € 20 (12 – 18 years old), € 10 (6 – 11 years old), free up to 5 years
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

A tour only for children? Or only for adults? Or everyone together? Under the guidance of art educators the whole family can explore the exhibition with different offers and subsequently be creative in the Atelier. Brunch is provided for the whole family in the Atelier.

Photo: Mathias Schormann

Book cover

Sonne, Moon und Sterne
Family book reading for children 10 and older
Sunday, October 6, 3–5 pm

Price: € 5 / € 8 (over 18 years old)
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

Summer vacation is about to begin. The girl Gustav has a boy’s name but she’s not interested in boys yet. Then she meets Moon, a strange boy who wears glitter leggings and a T-shirt with stars on it. While Gustav’s mother searches for the meaning of life on Mallorca and her father rediscovers his love of music, the two experience a summer of change discovering parties, music, and first love. After a reading by multiple award-winning Berlin author Lara Schützsack, textiles can be printed in stencil technique.

In cooperation with the children’s bookstore KRUMULUS

Painted Skateboard at ShopPopulaire

Skateboard Painting
Children’s Workshop (aged 8–12)
Saturday, October 19 and 26, 11 am–1 pm

Registrations at:

At the beginning of the 1960s, the surf movement was transferred to asphalt and skateboarding was born. Young people were enthusiastic about the new street culture, about the design, music, and attitude toward life. Today artists still show their love of skateboarding with pictures and graffiti on the bottoms of the boards. In addition, many skateboard artists have made record covers and posters, some of which are on view in the summer of love exhibition. They can serve as inspiration for your own pictures in the style of your choice: comics, painting, or drawing; with a lot of color or in black and white. The designs are developed on paper and later can be transferred to the skateboard at home.

Photo: Mathias Schormann


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